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Mushroom hunt 2014
Rhenen - The Netherlands

(+a bonus beetle)


Gear Templates.

Due to some comments about my steampunk chest, I decided to upload the templates I made. Because they are converted to a BMP file, they’re a bit pixelated, but that shouldn’t stand in your way.

Good luck, have fun and show me pictures when you’re done. :)

(I think I need to find a new catch phrase, cause this one just doesn’t sound right…)

Ps: If you’re in need of some special designed templates, feel free to send me a pm and I’ll see if I can help you out.

Pss: I’m not a mechanic so I don’t know everything there is about gears and how to make them work.


Wait a minute…so if they’re not black but still helping Sinterklaas, they’re suddenly not slaves anymore? In that case they never were slaves to start with. Because the color doesn’t change anything about their way of living.

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Steampunk Chest

In my room I have a cardboard box and a plastic bag to separate paper and plastic. Because this looks like crap, I decided to make a recycle box for it.

I’m quite happy about the end result.

Better luck next time:
In theory I should be able to turn the handle and spin the gears. 
Unfortunately that didn’t work. The main reason is because I used MDF board. This is quite a weak type of wood. It was a better idea to use persplex or any other type of 3mm plastic sheet.
And I would consider to use Plywood for the box next time because of it’s smoother finish.
Also I used wooden pins. Because the main wheel has to spin 3 others (plus the far away gear at the left side) a lot of torsion is made on that pin, making it break instead of turning. Using a metal rod would solve this.

It is possible to turn by directly turning the big wheel from the side though.

Because it’s just a recycle box I didn’t want to put more effort in the turning mechanism. Maybe next time.

Boring info:
-The gears + frame were designed by me using AutoCad.
-The box is 56,5 cm x 35 cm x 30 cm (lxdxh)
-It’s entirely made from MDF (except for the hinges and decoration nails)
-The main color is mixed, it needed a bit more red, but I was out of red paint; I tried to find a good color of brown in the store, but that ended up to light, so I used that for the inside.

What’s next:
I might stain the box part a bit (either with paint or shoe polish), making it look even older and I’m trying out some mold making to make old looking fake hinges to put on it.

And I need to make a small chain going from the mid wheel to the one on the left. But the store is closed so that has to wait.


Clothing store online sales: “Let’s give this cool item an insane discount! We only have it size mega skinny and ultra large! But we only show it to our customers once they’ve clicked it and crush all their hopes and dreams when they find out.”

Pumpkin carving time

Pumpkin carving time


Because Halloween is around the corner I’d like to highlight this particular website. The site belongs to a paper mache artist named Scott. A. Stoll and he makes pretty awesome paper mache sculptures.

So if you’re in need to make some Halloween decoration, visit this site. 

A big plus is that he uses a lot of scrap material to make his sculptures; empty bottles, newspaper, iron wire, cardboard, empty cans, plastic forks etc. Things most of us have laying around.


Dutch Netflix finally has season 2 of Orphan Black!!!

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Burgers Zoo - Arnhem
The Netherlands

Yesterday I went on a trip to the zoo. These were some of the best shots I took. I am still learning a lot about how to use my camera properly.

Fish and otters seemed to be the hardest subjects as they move a lot.

Tips are welcome.

(I used a Samsung 300NX with a 50-200 OIS lens with a UV filter; I don’t have a polarisation filter yet. Some pictures are altered a bit using Lightroom to fix overexposure.)