Elf Fantasy Fair notification

Elf people:

This year the buses go from Vleuten station
(so don’t accidentally travel to Breukelen; EFF switches stations sometimes)

The weather predictions are okay; hardly any rain predicted.
It will be a slight bit chilly, so consider a cape or a matching jacket/ long sleeved shirt.

Have a nice day! :)


Essentials to bring with you at Cosplay Events:

Things I carry in a small lunchbox:

-Thread (In case of wardrobe malfunction)
-Needle (To use with thread)
-Safety Pins (For quick easy fixes)
-Scissors (When things get in your way or you forgot some threads)
-Lighter (For smokers, but also to scorch thread to prevent it from unraveling further)
-Double-sided Adhesive Tape (To reattach things that can’t be sewn)
-Super Glue (When it needs to be more resistant than 2-way tape)
-Thin Rope/ Paracord bracelet (When everything else fails; turn yourself into a roulade to prevent your clothes from falling off completely)
-Garbage bag (In case being a walking roulade isn’t your thing + it’s great to sit on when the grass is wet)

(For notes or origami)
-Pen (To write important things down)
-Marker (To write public messages)
-Pencil (Same as pen, but also in case you feel like drawing, or your pen runs out of ink)
-Eraser (When you fail at drawing)
-Pencil Sharpener (When you’re using to much pencil)
-(Normal) Tape (to leave your notes, public messages, drawings and or origami pieces for the world to see)

-Make up (preferable the color you are already wearing)
-(Tiny) Mirror (If you’re not a genius in putting on make up)
-Swab sticks/ Q tips (Because it’s harder to put your make up on using your fingers)
-Skin glue (Because you don’t want to use super glue on your skin)

-Band aids (There’s always a chance of getting hurt)
-Adhesive plaster/ Leukoplast (In case of blisters, due to all the walking)
-Ibruprofen, paracetamol (To prevent an outbreak of the cramps and or headaches etc.)

Other things you might consider:
-Nail polish (it will stop the run in your pantyhose when applied)
-Model Paint (To repaint some damaged parts)
-Brush (Fingers can’t always help you out, but Q-tips will work alright though)
-Hair gel/ spray (When your hair has to be and stay outrageous)
-Batteries (They are hardly ever included in the fun things you buy)
-Tissues (In case of drama and or snot) 
-Wobbly Eyes
(Beause it’s some sort of trend to put them on anything)

If you have more tips, reblog and add. :)

This “emergency” kit is not including:
entry ticket, money, phone, food, drinks and camera supplies.
those are optional…recommended, but optional.


Cosplay “Dahl” outfit (Riddick)

If you see someone tomorrow wearing this: 


Congratulations, you have found me. :)
(Feel free to say hi)

I’m not 100% in cosplay: I’m not going to wear a wig or dye my hair blonde (+ body type issues). Therefor I’m not dressed as Dahl, but as a female member of the crew.


One of the worst things for a cosplayer: The sewing machine turns into a fracking b*tch…


Riddick’s Saberclaws (wood)

Despite the fact that Dahl will never ever have her hands on these, I considered it funny to make them and wear them with my Dahl costume.
(+ I hope to get a sign of recognition from the sci-fi area)

I have made these in a bit of a hurry, therefor the blade isn’t that smooth.
It’s made from MDF, which isn’t very strong (I doubt they are dangerous). Hopefully it will last a day. :)


"Everything I do today, I don’t have to do tomorrow"

See, I’d like to live by this sentence. It would create more space for other things. But the thing is; when I do the things today, by natural order, other things will be scheduled earlier, meaning more work and no actual time to do…”nothing”.

And I like doing “nothing” every once in a while.


Willow Rosenberg lost from Bette Porter?

Wtf? How did that happen?
*goes to amazon.com to get an urn of Osiris*


Cosplay; Riddick Space Ship Node Backpack (Finished)

It’s finally finished and on time to go with me to the Elf Fantasy fair this Saturday!

On top there’s the original node from the movie, below my prop version.

I’ve done a lot of sanding after my last post of this topic.
It also got several paint jobs.

I was working with MDF which isn’t a product known for it’s smooth finishing. If it gets a layer of paint the top fibers will suck up more moisture than its surrounding making them stick out of the surface. I’ve sanded and repainted it several times, then I gave up and used a layer of filler to smooth things out.

My mistake was that I didn’t leave the filler on long enough to dry thoroughly, making a big mess of the surface which off course; needed to be sanded once more. 

But in the end it actually turned out quite smooth.

As for the lid: I used some painted decoration nails used for furnishing and glued them in some holes I drilled.

To attach the lid I got some small but strong magnets, these are just enough to keep the lid in place. Because my first idea was to get hinges there’s no wood at the backside to rest upon; therefor no magnets.

I wasn’t able to make it glow, so instead I colored the edges between the black and white in a tone of grey, giving it some sort of optical illusion, which can be performed better (f.e. darker grey and in gradients of grey), but I’m happy with it the way it is.

On the bottom I put some self-adhesive non-skid caps (?) which are used f.e. to prevent a chair from sliding. This to prevent the bottom of too much scratching.

All there’s left is to make a simple harness to carry it with me. :)

(This weekend I’ll put a step by step version on my portfolio if you want to make it yourself)


Jobinterview in about 1,5 hours. Why is my closet so gay?
Red plaid, black plaid, green plaid, purple plaid…men blouses, comfortable sweaters, comfortable cardigans, denim short sleeves, denim with leather, denim with cotton, camouflage…


Little birdie in the yard.
I’m practicing with my camera. I need to learn more about how the thing works. (This was made from inside and I think I need to use that polarization thingie that I received with the camera and perhaps change some lighting settings)

If you have tips, let me know. :)