Coca Cola doesn’t have my name. :(
They say: “You’re super special!”
Well, sometimes I don’t wanna be super special…I just want a bottle with my name on it like everyone else.

""You’re The Slayer and we’re, like, the Slayerettes"
-Willow Rosenberg-"

A token of my gratitude towards the Buffy folks that recently started to follow my blog. :)

I don’t often post something Buffy related, but I usually press the like button on a bunch of posts about it.

Atm I’m learning things about sculpting, mold making and statue casting, so if I’m going to make something Buffy related, you’ll be the first to know. :)

Thanks again, Nice to meet you! :)


They made a 2nd season of "This is Jinsy"!

(Which was in January. But hey, news doesn’t always travel fast)

That show is so weird it’s brilliant.


I’ve been working on some new shelves. This is the end result (2nd photo).

The first plan was to use quarters of (home made, wooden) gears to use as shelf holders (Steampunk), but because there’s already a lot of things going on on the shelves, I’ve skipped that and maybe use those for a different project.


How come I found out just now?!

Charisma Carpenter is going to have a role in Lost Girl?

For some reason, out of all Buffy people, she pops up in my favorite shows (She also had a small part in Legend of the Seeker).
But I never really liked her as Cordelia, so I’m not sure if I should cheer.
If someone would claim f.e. that Amber Benson (or Eliza Dushku or even Amy Acker) would play a part as dark fae. Then yeah, I’d be very excited.)

Charisma is said to play a role as an Northern Goddess.

I’d like to call on Xena from the afterlife!

(source: AfterEllen)


I feel bad for Brasil. :(


(Discussion topic: physical appearance)

co-worker: “So what do you want in the future? Would you like to have a relationship?”

me: “Sure”

co-worker: “Then why won’t you wear some more girly clothes and a bit of make-up, you’ll have a bigger chance.”

me: “No, because then they fall for a person I am not.”

co-worker: -silence-


ESP - NED: 1-5!

I actually started to feel bad for Spain…


I’m not girly, I’m uni-sex. Now shut the f*ck up.


I’ve lost s6 disc 3 from my Buffy the Vampire Slayer Collection and I’m still unable to find it back…
It’s the disc where Willow goes through a rough time when Tara just left.

(Ironic: The name of the 3rd episode from that disc is named “Gone”)

Has anyone got a spare one? Or seen the box in a store?