Yesterday I was at a fun fair and at one of the rides they started to play “The wanderer”; that one from Lost Girl and I was turning around in case something would happen.





Lesbian characters wearing maroon jackets with black leather sleeves.

Shit is this the new uniform??

ATTENTION ALL LESBIAN PERSONELL! New uniform regulations are in place as of August 14! SIGNAL BOOST!


I’d like to add this one:

Lost Girl Season 4 Episode 8 Groundhog Fae

It might not be the exaxt same as the ones above but it’s still maroon with black leather sleeves.

(I also have this jacket, before I knew it was going to be the new uniform.)

(Source: gayintensifies)


(Kinda old news, but I just found out)

Funko Pop! Did a version of Buffy The Vampire Slayer figures.

They made the selection:

  • Buffy
  • Willow
  • Angel
  • Spike
  • Vampire Spike (Yes, he’s always a vampire, but this is his evil face version)
  • The Gentlemen (that’s standing…). 
  • And last but not least….



Where’s Xander?!!

Don’t get me wrong, I always considered Oz to be an okay guy, but Xander is more important to the show. If Oz get’s a Funko POP! then Faith and Anya should get one too. And what about Tara?! Willow left Oz long ago (Sorry for the spoiler, if you’re watching season 4)
And how can they do Oz and not Giles?! I want a Giles one! Make it better and do the Giles/ Fyarl Demon! :D

Oh and one of Sweet…one that can sing :D

These figures are in stores in September.
(Owh and I also found out there’s a limited edition bruised Buffy version)

So let me know, I’m curious: Which figure do you miss or would you want?


If I would wake up a man, I’d grow massive sideburns and get a wolverine haircut.

Some Xena Minecraft weapons drawn with Paint.
Yin Yang Chakram
Breast dagger
Xena’s Sword
Gabrielle’s Staff

Some Xena Minecraft weapons drawn with Paint.

  • Chakram
  • Yin Yang Chakram
  • Breast dagger
  • Xena’s Sword
  • Gabrielle’s Staff
  • Sais

Coca Cola doesn’t have my name. :(
They say: “You’re super special!”
Well, sometimes I don’t wanna be super special…I just want a bottle with my name on it like everyone else.

""You’re The Slayer and we’re, like, the Slayerettes"
-Willow Rosenberg-"

A token of my gratitude towards the Buffy folks that recently started to follow my blog. :)

I don’t often post something Buffy related, but I usually press the like button on a bunch of posts about it.

Atm I’m learning things about sculpting, mold making and statue casting, so if I’m going to make something Buffy related, you’ll be the first to know. :)

Thanks again, Nice to meet you! :)


They made a 2nd season of "This is Jinsy"!

(Which was in January. But hey, news doesn’t always travel fast)

That show is so weird it’s brilliant.


I’ve been working on some new shelves. This is the end result (2nd photo).

The first plan was to use quarters of (home made, wooden) gears to use as shelf holders (Steampunk), but because there’s already a lot of things going on on the shelves, I’ve skipped that and maybe use those for a different project.


How come I found out just now?!

Charisma Carpenter is going to have a role in Lost Girl?

For some reason, out of all Buffy people, she pops up in my favorite shows (She also had a small part in Legend of the Seeker).
But I never really liked her as Cordelia, so I’m not sure if I should cheer.
If someone would claim f.e. that Amber Benson (or Eliza Dushku or even Amy Acker) would play a part as dark fae. Then yeah, I’d be very excited.)

Charisma is said to play a role as an Northern Goddess.

I’d like to call on Xena from the afterlife!

(source: AfterEllen)