As said in my previous post; I made a Creeper piñata.

I never made one before, so I’m sure there are a bunch of things I did wrong (Seeing the kid had a load of trouble hitting it before it broke)

I don’t have the steps in a photo set for you, but I will guide you by text.

How to make one:

  • Get cardboard and crepe paper (I’m not sure I’ve translated that correct). I’ve got 4 tones of crepe paper; Dark green, Light green, Lime and white.
  • Find a nice size for your gifts. (Lay your gift on a piece of cardboard to measure out the approximate size you’re going to need to build this. You don’t want to end up with a piñata that doesn’t fit your stuff.
  • A Creeper consists of a square head, a rectangular body and normally 4 feet, but you can use 2 rectangular boxes for this.
  • Add rope (We didn’t hang the creeper, but in the end it served as a handy thing to carry the creeper around during traveling.)
    Make 2 holes in the bottom of the body rectangular box and put the rope through. Make one hole in the top piece and put both ends through it. Do the same for the head and make a knot. I glued the rope each time it would go through cardboard.
  • Cut the board and glue every edge with hot glue (Even if you have a box fit for your gift, I do recommend you to cut loose all the edges, otherwise the edge will only dent and not break when hit)
  • !!!Don’t forget to put your gifts in before you glue the last side close!!! (Also add things like confetti)
  • Paint the Creeper green. Water based paint works quicker. Apply to coats just to prevent the brown cardboard color to be seen underneath the crepe paper
  • Cut a strip of crepe paper. Depending on your size Creeper. Note that you need to end up in overlapping squares so you need them to be slightly rectangular in length. I’ve cut these trips up in 3 pieces and made some slits in them before removing them off of each other (that way you have like 15 or more at once instead of making every single piece)
  • Glue time! Now you can glue on every single piece of pixel! It’s a lot of work. Start at the bottom and work your way up. I’ve worked with the ratio of dark green: light green: lime: white; (approximately) 1:2:2:1
    Meaning that in a line of 6 you’d stick 1 dark green, 2 light greens, 2 limes and 1 white. These ratios change when you f.e. need 8 on a line. Just be sure not to overuse dark greens and whites.
    Try to avoid 2 of the same colors next or above each other. You can do this, but only do it rarely. Also try to randomize so you don’t end up with diagonal lines with the same color.
  • End up with black cardboard for its face and feet.

Have fun! :)


Xena sword Minecraft Style

So a couple of days back I made some Xena weapons in Minecraft Style made with Paint.

I had a birthday last week of a kid that’s fan of Minecraft and the gift would be Minecraft themed. I’ve decided to make a creeper piñata, but with that you need something to hit. I thought Xena’s sword would do the trick.

How to make one:

I’ve made this from MDF; 12mm

  • You start off drawing a grid with squares of 12 mm (depending on the thickness of your board or how big you want it to be; I wanted 3D squares)
  • Cut it out; I used an electric fretsaw. (By hand you might be able to do this too and if it’s big enough I guess a jig saw might work.)
  • Sand it and give it a grey primer (depending on your colors; for some colors white would work better. Gold looks nicer on white, but silver works better on a grey surface. It’s a choice you have to make)
  • Sand it again, maybe a second coat of primer to smooth the surface. MDF has the terrible characteristics of swelling fibers. You can avoid this a bit if you use a thin layer of filler. But that does take you a lot of extra work.
  • Draw the grid back on. (With a single layer of primer you might be able to see some of your grid, but most likely you need to redo the whole thing.)
  • Start painting. I needed to paint this about 2 to 3 times; especially the silver/ gold needs more layers. If you use water based paints, you can most likely keep continue painting and repainting it without needing to set the project aside.
    For the darker tones I’ve used silver + black and gold + black. For the lighter tones I’ve used silver + white and gold + yellow (gold + white left a very odd color and shine, which wasn’t nice. With yellow it looks slightly better)
  • End up with a layer of varnish. Maybe 2 layers to be sure.

Sidenote: This item is quite well for things like decoration/ cosplay. But don’t use it to hit things (or persons; I doubt they will like that). MDF isn’t very strong so the corners will break rather easily.
You can choose to use multiplex instead, but do know the edges will need to be filled up and sanded down more than you’ll need to do with MDF.


Yesterday I was at a fun fair and at one of the rides they started to play “The wanderer”; that one from Lost Girl and I was turning around in case something would happen.





Lesbian characters wearing maroon jackets with black leather sleeves.

Shit is this the new uniform??

ATTENTION ALL LESBIAN PERSONELL! New uniform regulations are in place as of August 14! SIGNAL BOOST!


I’d like to add this one:

Lost Girl Season 4 Episode 8 Groundhog Fae

It might not be the exaxt same as the ones above but it’s still maroon with black leather sleeves.

(I also have this jacket, before I knew it was going to be the new uniform.)

(Source: gayintensifies)


(Kinda old news, but I just found out)

Funko Pop! Did a version of Buffy The Vampire Slayer figures.

They made the selection:

  • Buffy
  • Willow
  • Angel
  • Spike
  • Vampire Spike (Yes, he’s always a vampire, but this is his evil face version)
  • The Gentlemen (that’s standing…). 
  • And last but not least….



Where’s Xander?!!

Don’t get me wrong, I always considered Oz to be an okay guy, but Xander is more important to the show. If Oz get’s a Funko POP! then Faith and Anya should get one too. And what about Tara?! Willow left Oz long ago (Sorry for the spoiler, if you’re watching season 4)
And how can they do Oz and not Giles?! I want a Giles one! Make it better and do the Giles/ Fyarl Demon! :D

Oh and one of Sweet…one that can sing :D

These figures are in stores in September.
(Owh and I also found out there’s a limited edition bruised Buffy version)

So let me know, I’m curious: Which figure do you miss or would you want?


If I would wake up a man, I’d grow massive sideburns and get a wolverine haircut.

Some Xena Minecraft weapons drawn with Paint.
Yin Yang Chakram
Breast dagger
Xena’s Sword
Gabrielle’s Staff

Some Xena Minecraft weapons drawn with Paint.

  • Chakram
  • Yin Yang Chakram
  • Breast dagger
  • Xena’s Sword
  • Gabrielle’s Staff
  • Sais

Coca Cola doesn’t have my name. :(
They say: “You’re super special!”
Well, sometimes I don’t wanna be super special…I just want a bottle with my name on it like everyone else.

""You’re The Slayer and we’re, like, the Slayerettes"
-Willow Rosenberg-"

A token of my gratitude towards the Buffy folks that recently started to follow my blog. :)

I don’t often post something Buffy related, but I usually press the like button on a bunch of posts about it.

Atm I’m learning things about sculpting, mold making and statue casting, so if I’m going to make something Buffy related, you’ll be the first to know. :)

Thanks again, Nice to meet you! :)


They made a 2nd season of "This is Jinsy"!

(Which was in January. But hey, news doesn’t always travel fast)

That show is so weird it’s brilliant.